group life disability benefits

Converting A Minimal Administrative expense into a significant profit center

For groups with 4,000 employees and up, we will do a captive analysis to determine your ROI for moving into this type of a plan.


For groups with fewer than 4,000 employees, we can still achieve 10-15% savings each year.


Our clients achieve 10% to 15% savings each year

For us to implement these savings, we may be able to maintain your current insurance provider as we take on the role of your agent.


A Dedicated Team Of Professionals

Our company has a special unit that only works on these coverages

Case Studies

Metropolitan Hospital System

  • Large Group (under 4000 employees)

To find a company that focuses on cost-benefit analysis of just group life and disability.


  • The Company was spending $1,000,000 per year for life and disability.
  • The quality of coverage was average.
  • Increased Coverage, Lower Cost
  • 3- year rate guarantee
  • Producing Savings of $300,000 over 3 years


Publicly-Traded Services Company

  • More than 4,000 employees
  • In a captive program

Tracking all funds that were running through the Employee Benefits Program.


  • The Company's flow-through was $6,000,000 per year for life and disability.
  • The quality of coverage was average.
  • Better Coverage, Lower Cost
  • Profit, Back To The Corporation
  • Specifically in this case, $2.5 Million Profit, Per Year

How much leakage?

Our clients are surprised about the extent of the financial leakage and the improvements that we can make. Our clients normally see between 17 - 25% savings, which we can maintain year after year.