Workers' Compensation Self-Funded Claim Cost Management

Our clients achieve a 10 - 25% reduction in claim costs.

These savings are maintained year after year with our managed programs.

CLC understands the 21 suppliers that are used in Workers' Compensation claims and has established benchmarks to bring transparency to this process.

We Have Found That TPA's and Insurance Companies:

  1. Do not clearly define metrics for managing the 21 suppliers in this chain process.
  2. They do not set up a continuous feedback loop to drive maximum efficiency.

Case Studies

Convenience Store Chain


Workers' Compensation Claim Process Analysis



  • $1,500,000 + in annual savings
  • Brought transparency to suppliers
  • Optimized Service Level Agreements
  • Ongoing guidance to maintain savings
  • Bent the cost curve in favor of the buyer
Projected Savings over 5 years:

National Retail Chain


Misaligned Workers' Compensation Cost


Analysis to discover best use of laws in the States of operation

  • $1,200,000+ in annual savings
  • Ongoing monitoring of the program
  • Cost savings every year


Projected Savings Over 5 Years:

How much leakage?

Our clients are surprised about the extent of the financial leakage and the improvements that we can make. Our clients normally see between 17 - 25% savings, which we can maintain year after year.